• 2.16.17   Platon Finds A Necessarily Soft Chuck Schumer for Time

    We are scarcely four weeks into a new presidency and our political climate has never been more explosive. President Trump, it should be noted, is quite popular with his base, but the opposition is also very loud forcing every member of congress to engage in ways that are almost unprecedented. But no one expected this to happen, least of all Chuck Schumer. Schumer was expecting to be the Majority Leader in the Senate and handily help a President Clinton. But that didn't happen. Instead he's found himself with a totally different job, as he explained to Platon when they sat together for the latest cover of TIME Magazine. "I should have been in a Really powerful position and I should have been in a place where I'm having a lot more fun but history didn't work out like that," Schumer said to Platon. "Now I find myself as Trump's opponent and this is a much more important position of responsibility to have." Not only has this new position changed expectations, Schumer is changing our understanding of how we should see an opposition figure. The images that came out of this conversation between Platon and Schumer aren't what you would expect from a man who is taking Trump head on, but there's a reason for that. "I've worked with Trump and I've worked with Schumer now so I understand both their spirits," Platon says. "What you have are two street fighters from New York and they get each other. Most politicians don't get Trump, they just don't really understand his madness. They can't understand that this insanity right now is a storm that Trump consciously makes but Chuck Schumer is probably the only guy who understands that because he's from New York too." As Platon explains it, Chuck knows that if he hits Trump, Trump will hit him back twice as hard. Instead, Schumer needs a different strategy if he wants to win. "This is rough and tumble stuff," Platon says. But as rough and tumble as it is,  the images that Platon got of Schumer are remarkably gentle, almost professorial. This is not what we would expect from a man taking on what some describe as the biggest bully in the world. "Chuck is also a tough guy but he is also a big softy. And I see him as a leader, hopefully. We'll see. You never know," Platon warns. "But hopefully he represents a compassionate leader. A leader who thinks of himself as a servant of the people rather than a power broker only... Yes [being a leader is] about power. It's about charisma, seduction, authority, sometimes even intimidation, but a great leader also has to be compassionate and had to think of him or herself as a servant of the people." Platon has travelled all over the world for decades photographing the most powerful people in the world. People who have changed the course of history over and over. Some for better, some for worse. But Platon knows what power looks like, and sees the potential for something valuable in Schumer. Platon sees him as well equipped for this fight. The other aspect we in Platon's photograph is the humanity behind Schumer. In our polarized political climate that's often missing. Photographers and editors want to use creative spaces to underscore a characteristic to serve a narrative. We've seen that a lot in recent days. But that is counter to Platon's entire career and philosophy. "I don't believe in gotcha journalism and I don't believe in just trying to show the facade of someone in a very bad way. I'm trying to cut through the facade and find out who this person really is," explains Platon.  "With Chuck you are in his spirit, in his soul in that picture and you're talking to him, you're feeling him. I think that's what we need right now in our photography on the covers of magazines; we've got to get in and find out who this person is." We must remember, that underneath everything, each polarizing figure is a human being and whether our aim is to uplift of defeat them, the journey to engaging them starts with our common humanity.  
  • 2.17.17   Nicky Emmerson Builds a New Look for Jaeger

    Jaeger is going through something of a transition. The luxury British apparel brand was looking to bring a little more energy and joy to their public identity, and honestly we could all use a little bit more happiness - even if we find it in our advertising. To help them with this shift, Jaeger invited Nicky Emmerson and Pure Productions to help them shape their latest campaign and photograph it using her unique style. Nicky didn’t want to go all the way and make the images corny or show too much bounce when the brand and the clothes don’t match that, but she knew she had to bring it in a little bit. To strike the right chord she used a technique that allowed her models to meet those emotions and show them without becoming plastic. “I direct my girls and guys to think happy, to have happy thoughts, to get that happy energy in their eyes as opposed to a great big smile,” Nick explains. “Occasionally you get them to laugh and smile, and then you capture it on its way out, so you’re just getting that energy as its leaving them. You’re capturing it in their imagination as opposed to physically.” Photographers are guides of time. They pull out a moment from time to show us, so Nicky sets up a movement or an action and then pulls out the slice that works best for the story she’s trying to tell. For Jaeger is was the natural rhythm of positive emotions, but a part of them we normally don’t inspect. In order to show off the range of apparel and the breadth of lifestyles that Jaeger’s style bridges, well displayed by Fashion Director Sam Ranger and Creative Director Chris Bedson, the whole team created a broad two-pronged shoot that took place at both a very modern home and inside a studio. Nicky saw this as an opportunity to show off and blend two distinct skills in her toolbox, and it didn’t hurt that the day cooperated with her when they were in the home. “We were shooting it in December so we lost our daylight at 3:00 so we had to be quite quick,” says Nicky. “But it was a beautiful, glorious day. The light came in through the windows and it really helped us.” That low, warm light gave Nicky the shadows that she wanted, revealing depth and angles that traditionally don’t appear in a studio. But Nicky is always looking to push expectations and boundaries so when she gets to the studio she explores the limits of expectations there too. Most studios are set up to be big rooms that disappear into the background so all we see is a bright white environment. But Nicky rejects that. She uses the space in a much more dynamic way, which fit Jaeger’s needs perfectly. “Whenever I’m in studio I try and use different angles and try to move away from just the straight backdrop. So I’ll move around and shoot different angles, shoot behind, shoot in the doorway, because it’s another location it’s not just a light box,” Nicky says. “It’s a good representation of my studio and my location all together, really, because quite often you’re just either one but I really enjoyed splitting it into two but trying to make it link still.” Jaeger’s needs represent a transition for the way they present themselves, but Nicky understands transitions and was able to turn this exploration into a exhibition of two styles that are normally thought of as distinct identities. She’s able to combine a host of needs and skills into one campaign all while juggling expectations and styles, boiling it all down into one campaign that’s reduces into clean sophistication.
  • 2.14.17   Tom Corbett Is Ravishing with Rose

    It’s Valentine’s Day, making it the perfect time to celebrate pink. We always match this holiday with pink, but this year it goes beyond sending chocolates and hearts cut out of construction paper. The February cover story for The Gloss, The Irish Time’s fashion imprint, puts pink front and center as the color to watch for this spring. It’s a vibrant, courageous color with a lot of inherent energy, a complex balance that Tom Corbett is perfectly suited to help The Gloss present. The cover features an explosion in rose, with multiple layers and shades of pink skating across the clothing and the rest of the editorial. Throughout Tom’s story there’s no obvious method of matching shades or shapes but that adds to the effect, but The Gloss' Fashion Director Luis Rodriguez proves that pink is welcome in all forms and they all work together. Some pinks are loud and vibrant like a nearly neon suede bag, while others are softer, gentler, like a satin blouse. Pink has long been associated with femininity and what Tom’s editorial reminds us is that femininity can mean whatever we want it to mean. Femininity is soft when it wants to be, and strong when it needs to be. Pink taking over the trend for spring is as much sartorial as it is social, like all trends. But Tom’s energetic images show sexiness, sophistication, power and tenderness, a blend of characteristics that has become incredibly pertinent to the current cultural climate. Women’s Movements have gained impact in recent months thanks to political moments and social forces. While millions of women march hand in hand, all at once, all over the world, anyone who would underestimates the power of pink does so at their own peril. One thing is for sure: Tom Corbett has never underestimated the women on the other side of his lens, and it shows this month on the cover of The Gloss.
  • 2.14.17   Alex Silva Knits the Fractious Resistance

    We are in historic times. Not only is there a new President who won the office in a surprise upset through the Electoral College, but a vocal resistance to the new administration is at a scale this country has never seen. The first real show of power by new President’s opponents was on full display the day after Inauguration Day at “The Women’s March” in DC, and the sister marches that took place in cities throughout the world. It’s estimated upwards of 4 million women and their allies marched – truly unprecedented. One of the most stable images from that march is the thousands of pink hats worn by marchers, all knit at home. The meaning of the hat is different from person to person, but one thing is clear: it was a part of the resistance. This past Sunday’s The New York Times Magazine chose to feature this new feminist movement for their cover story and invited Alex Silva to create the imagery for the magazine’s cover.  The cover is deceptively simple, saying just “RESIST,” but each letter is knit out of pink yarn and distressed. Alex created each letter separately, and then distressed each of them. Even though the cover of the magazine simply says Resist, the story is much more complex with an earned headline saying, ‘How a Fractious Women’s Movement Came to Lead the Left.’ The reporting by the magazine bears this out, that the movement is fractious and Alex illustrates that reality by having each letter distressed. We all know that if you pull one string on a sweater it can unravel the whole thing, so the question right now is how long will this resistance hold together despite the fact that many of the groups marching under the same banner had very different goals just one month ago? Right now the resistance is standing together, displaying a single message that we can still read. There’s no way to know how long it will be this way, but for now we can see what Alex spelled out clear as day: Resist.
  • 2.13.17   David Flores Harnesses the Infinite for Marvel's Legion

    Marvel’s X-Man Legion first appeared in the comics in 1985 but he never really had his time in the spotlight, mostly because he’s a complicated character with a very dark story. A combination of hidden parentage, dissociative identity disorder, autism, and extremely destructive tendencies makes him a hard pill to swallow for the masses. But in 2017, audiences are much more open to the complexities of deeper storytelling and FX has recognized that trend, so Legion is now the main character in a new show. The marketing posters for ‘Legion’ feature imagery of a man with an explosive mind, a direct reflection of Legion’s inner life. FX invited muralist David Flores to interpret the original piece for an image that popped up in the wild all over the US. David’s blocking style was perfectly suited for this project. His process of breaking images up into sections almost like color-by-numbers or a stained glass aesthetic concentrate his subjects into a strong, direct statement. Showing his portraits like this gives the viewer enough distance from the humanity of the subject for us to experience the story from an added distance. Legion’s own name is a reference to the Biblical book of Revelations, basically demanding David’s and his aesthetic proximity to stained glass. Revelations is all about a human connection to the infinite and the end, it's chaos, terror, sublimity. It is experiencing the unknown and the impossible. All of that is evident in David's work. The painting was featured on walls in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco where fans could interact with augmented reality. Additionally, Marvel printed it up as a special edition poster that fans could pick up at dozens of comic book shops.
  • 2.8.17   Joey L Sees Through The Smoke with Oxfam

    The current conflicts in the Middle East have been waging for well over a decade, and when we talk about them it’s easy to think of the whole region as a black pit of horror and devoid of any real life. We’re lead to think that it’s terror and death, but in reality there are families, school children, and budding curiosity. Even under the pressures of terrorism and gunfire life finds a way. At the end of last year, Joey L traveled with Oxfam to Iraq to photograph not only the oil wells that had been set alight, but also the people that live in the shadows of black clouds rising from the flaming wells. The goal was to tell a story to inspire aid from afar, and that’s exactly what the results were. “Projects like this are why I became a photographer in the first place,” Joey told PetaPixel in an interview. This trip was to be Joey’s third time in the region, making him an experienced navigator of political and security concerns. For some with the ability to translate human stories into visual communication it’s a moral imperative to use their skills to do just that. For Joey, he keeps going back because it’s become a calling. “When I first started planning the project with Amy Christian, the head of Oxfam media based in Iraq, we knew we wanted to do something unique,” explains Joey. “I proposed using both aerial and portrait photography, two styles a little different than traditional photojournalism. The war in Iraq and Syria has drawn on for so long, that the average viewer can actually grow fatigued by the daily bombardment of visuals. We needed a different perspective so that Oxfam could call upon people to care.” It’s not that Joey and Oxfam wanted to shock viewers so that they would send charity to Iraq, but they did need to reveal different stories and show that there’s more to the conflicts than what breaks through on the nightly news.  Joey knows how to handle the weather and the social complexities of photographing in a warring region, but that doesn’t mean the project was easy by any measure. “The challenges never ended,” Joey says. “On our first day, we had to get permission to fly the quadcopter from the various mukhtars [community leaders] and armed groups that control the region because ISIS uses similar drones to drop explosives or to scout out military formations to plan counter-attacks. ISIS drones are commonly shot down, so we didn’t want to risk it. This area was close to the frontline and the civilians had just been freed from ISIS, so as you can imagine the tension was high.” But thanks to the work that Oxfam every day, Joey and his team were able to convince the leaders in the area to let them use the drones, and communicated effectively enough to ensure that their drones were left untouched. Even though their drones weren’t under direct fire there were still incredible challenges thanks to the thick, black, oily smoke spewing off the wells.  When looking at Joey’s photographs of families, running school children, and an Earth that seems to be aflame, it’s easy to forget that we get to see these incredible images thanks in part to his equipment. Equipment that was never designed to be in the midst of war and burning oil “Working with electronic cameras in this was a nightmare - fumbling around with a flashlight, the gear itself became oily to the touch and even putting your hands on anything would turn them black,” Joe explains. “The lenses would get fogged over with black soot and had to be wiped clean every twenty minutes. Sometimes I had to fly the drone back to us by just relying on just the internal map /guidance system, because the smoke was so thick we couldn’t see our way from the air by using the aerial camera. I remember having a shower afterward and the water running brown. If this is how bad it was for us after just a few days, imagine being a local and living there.” The imperative to imagine that situation is exactly why we need people like Joey L traveling to these areas so we can remember that what’s happening is more than just statistics. It’s more than clips on your TV at 7pm, narrated from a studio. Joey’s subjects find love, life, and joy, even when everything around them is on fire.
  • 2.7.17   Bose Collins Keeps It Clean with Dove

    It’s easy to forget everything that goes into a bottle of body wash when you’re getting to lather up in the shower. It’s not just creams and soap, but essential oils, scents, and most crucially the science that goes into balancing how these products will interact with your own body chemistry. It’s not enough to get you clean, but brands like Dove want to make sure that they’re contributing to your overall health as well as your hygiene. It’s a complex task that ultimately results in a bottled gel of cream. The question is how to communicate that. Just recently Dove invited Bose Collins to help them show off the variety of ingredients, textures, and even rhythms that go into Dove products.  Bose Collins created the short video as a part of a pop-up store that Dove hosted in Paris in October, but the video is as alive today as it was in the Fall for displaying the variety of sources and moods that go into each Dove product. Whether it’s slow motion body bars dropping into vats of moisturizer, video of colored oils interacting with each other and water putting unique movement and textures on display, or bringing in the botanicals and fruit that offer their essential oils and essences to make Dove products unique, each small part of the video sets a tone of cleanliness, healthfulness, and refreshment. We know that videos cannot be scratch and sniff, and we know that you can’t bathe in this one, but Bose Collins makes us ache for that experience which means they must have done something right.
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