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    • The Selby is shooting an ad campaign in Barcelona and looking to cast real couples, families and groups of friends. There will be compensation for the people we cast. Casting is happening in Barcelona this week and next. Please email theselbystudio@gmail.com with full body photos and for more information. You will need to be available for the shoot on July 11 and 12. Thanks!!
    • Tokyo Selby Guide:

Here is a little guide to my must visit/eat/shop locations in Tokyo for all you homies that be asking me for that tokyo good good all the time. Please tag in a friend who is headed over there, and comment if you have your own suggestions or have been to any of my top spots! Also lemme know if you like this concept, and if so I’ll keep doing it for other cities. A big shout out to contributions from @pamelashamshiri @mr_rintaro @sarahcolette @bluebottlejames @tartinebaker 
Sushi Kyotatsu, Narita Airport, Tokyo. This is, no joke, really good sushi in an airport. It’s worth the trek out to Gate 34 and they have pre-made bento boxes to go.
Higashiya, Aoyama. They have my favorite Selby snack in the world, a date stuffed with sweet butter and a walnut.
Cow Books, Minato-ku. Super curated vintage book store on a beautiful canal
J’antiques, Nakameguro. This is where all the best US vintage clothes ends up that Ralph Lauren doesn't swoop on for his private archive.
rat hole gallery, Minato-ku. Its a gallery with a big rat hole. Mind blown.
bookstore utrech, Minato-ku. My favorite bookstore in the world. Also check out Graph Paper men’s and women’s store in the same building.
bearpond,  wow espresso.
Eatrip, Chez Panise meets japanese cooking.
Maru, my favorite spot for a semi upscale chilled out dinner. Say yes to taking the leftover rice home, its a little surprise
Tatemichiya, where I go for punk rock tofu.
    • 🤗👋🏼The Selby X Buscemi 👋🏼🤗
    • I taught an art class for kids on how to make their own diorama @daelimmuseum. All you do is print out a drawing on thick paper, then layer it up into a frame. Talking about kids, here is a snippet from a conversation I had with @jasonpolan about when I was a kid for the show’s catalog.
Jason: Okay Todd, did you have any pets growing up?
Todd: It’s a bit of roundabout story but I think it’s worth it. So my dad is a Neurologist. He would often testify in court cases as a professional witness. Somehow through that work he became friends with all these magicians, because he testified in a case that had to do with a magician. So one of those magicians was Harry Blackstone and he had a TV show in the front of a live audience. For one of the segments of the show he would call up kids to the stage who would bring broken toys. Then ‘Poof’ the magician would do something and the toy would be fixed. I brought my broken toy to a taping of the show and I thought, okay for sure he is calling me up.
Jason: And how old were you?
Todd: I think I was around 8 or 9. I thought for sure, I know this guy, he invited us, he knows my dad. I am going to get my toy fixed, no a big deal. And so that segment came and went and they didn’t call me up. So I started going insane. I was yelling and screaming and I am in the audience. So, of course the taping had a stop, so then one of the producers came out and they said “what’s the matter kid?” And all the attention is on me at that moment. I panicked and went blank, and I shouted “I want a bunny rabbit” because I think that they had bunnies on the show. So, the producer gave me a 100 bucks. And I shut up.
Jason: He gave you 100 dollars?
Todd: He gave me 100 dollars, and 8 year old me was blown away.
Jason: This story took a turn.
Todd: We got to go to the pet shop, and I changed my mind, and I got a guinea pig instead. It was brown and white and tan so I called it “Army Ears.” But I was very bad pet owner because I was very forgetful and then I would overfeed him. Just feed him and feed him. So, after Army Ears died, I wasn’t allowed ever to have a pet again. #theselbyhouse
    • Knick knacks are my thing, so when the museum told me they wanted to crank out some next level merch I was all about it. For the show we made a catalog with a coloring book, pop up cards, custom illustrated tape, cat wallets, tons of totes, bookmarks and piles of postcards. Right now all this stuff is sold exclusively at the Daelim Museum so if you want it you are gonna have to hit the gift shop. 🐖🐸🐢🐇🍩🍒🦁🍄@daelimmuseum #theselbyhouse
    • From the Daelim Museum catalog forward by Sally Singer —> But people are the point of entry into Todd's vision, or Selbyworld, as it were. The documentation of lives and of his life in photographs, or even the environs and personnel of the companies he works for commercially, is just the start of a massive project of creative invention. He draws, paints, films, asks, writes, tapes...he wrestles with his subjects so that, by the end, they actually live in his head, reborn and reformed as Selby figures, much like the charming monsters that greeted you from the bushes as you entered this museum. It's a privilege and a surprise to see oneself portrayed by Todd Selby. Maybe Warhol's subjects felt this way? Or perhaps Kehinde Wiley's do? In any case, it is the fact of having been captured by an artist--not a blogger, nor a photographer, nor an illustrator, nor any hybrid hipster label that one might dream up. Could Todd Selby be termed a disruptor? Possibly--because he sees no hierarchical differences between platforms, mediums, subjects, and intentions (his creative and advertising work are as one)--but then he'd be stuck forever in 2010. I think an artist is an artist. Language need not evolve thus. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • The Jungle Room was inspired by a crazy episode from my past. When I was around 13 years old, my dad, mom, brother and I went on our last “family vacation”. I had been complaining for years that my family always went on strange trips, and I wanted to do something more traditional like go to the beach. My dad finally gave in and we were off to Hawaii. When we landed in Hawaii, I started to get suspicious as the name of the airport, ‘Port Moresby’, was very unfamiliar; everything seemed not like the Hawaii I had seen as a child. My biggest fears were confirmed as we boarded a dugout canoe and went down a river to load into a small river boat. We were in Papua New Guinea, not Hawaii. My dad let us know that we were going to go up the Sepik river for a few days in an effort to find and take photos of a cannibalistic tribe which was allegedly responsible for eating Michael Rockefeller. I remember eating crocodile and piranha before I headed down to my room. That night, I dreamt of the Jungle Room. 🐢🐠🐛🌴🐟🐸🐒🦋🐞🐓🌳#theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • In terms of my studio space, I thought it would be cool to show people a bit of my actual working process. I learned photography from seeing how other people worked and also by trying things for myself (plus one night class at SVA!). That interest in the process is why I wanted to include my actual photography equipment and painting set up, so aspiring painters and photographers could get their own insights. My favorite part of the living room set up is the custom dog and cat print couch we made, and the Frank Stella paintings the museum let us hang in there. Here is a snippet of a conversation between @thecobrasnake and me from the catalog from the show-->
Mark:  So there's this new movement, which I detest, called minimalist, and those are the people who want to get rid of everything and live with one plant on their dresser and a very limited amount of clothes and anti-consumerism and everything.  What's your opinion on that?
Todd:  I love that question! It's the ultimate maximalist such as yourself asking me about minimalism. I think people just have different relationships with possessions.  It's very philosophical and emotional.  That’s always something that interests me, how people relate to their things and what they want to collect.  I’ve always been interested in collectors and people who have loads of stuff.  To me, minimalism is hard because it means getting rid of everything.  So you don’t have those objects to photograph or talk about or be interested in.  Minimalism lacks those points of interest. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • My work is very personal and comes from a place firmly planted in my childhood, my home, my studio and the way I live now. The inspiration for my work stems from my upbringing in Orange County, California, a very suburban environment. During the 1980’s, Orange County’s farmland was quickly transforming into sprawling housing tracts. If you drove down streets near my house, you would see rows and rows of houses that all looked the same. In school, I rebelled against this ‘sameness’. I never fit in, as I always liked to dress in neon and mismatched clothing. I pursued strange interests and hung around with oddballs. I never knew what was going on socially or was aware of who was popular. My idea of the most interesting person in school was the kid who always sat on a bench during recess and drew Garfield the cat over and over again. To me, he was the coolest. Another friend of mine always wore a backpack and liked to refer to himself as a turtle. As I grew up, my passion for these creative outliers affected my artwork. I have no interest in celebrity for the sake of celebrity, people who are famous for being famous. I am interested in those extreme, rare birds – people who create their own vision of the world through their work, their life, and their home. For this part of the show I wanted to reveal and share my lifestyle. It only seems right to do this, as I spend so much time documenting other people’s lives and spaces. This room is a curious mashup of my childhood bedroom, my college bedroom, and how I lived when I first got to New York City in the late 90’s with a little bit of ‘right now’ thrown in. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • For a long time, I've been interested in ways to integrate illustration as a way to tell deeper and richer stories about the subject of my photographs. On my website, I’ve been able to include a lot of photographs, paintings and written interviews which tell a complete story. For this show, I was searching for a way to go even more in depth for each story in my photographs. I started thinking about the work of Peter Beard and his project The End of the Game. I was so inspired by how Peter creates a whole world by printing a single large photograph and then mixes in his handwriting, cut out materials and school children’s drawings. For the resin frames in this section, I developed a process that built on a base of collaged drawings. I would place layers of single illustrations and thick resin to build up a feeling of the world each of my photographs inhabits. The illustrations that I chose to include on each frame further enhance the story about the interior subject in each photograph. The illustrations also give me an opportunity to express my own vision which is based somewhat in reality but also in my own fantasy and creativity. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • The main concept behind the “Selby the Traveler” section was trying to take my two dimensional flat illustrations seen in the previous section and break them off of the wall. It’s a process of two-dimensional becoming three-dimensional. This installation tells the story of my life the past few years. I’ve lived between LA and New York, spending a lot of time in airplanes flying between my two favorite cities. So this section is a kind of time capsule that documents things I’ve seen as well as things I’ve thought about in the plane as I’ve flown over the US. For this section, I wanted to develop a new process in order to give the walls the feeling of a watercolor painting. To mimic the look of water color puddles of paint bleeding into each other, I hand painted thin paper strips and then applied them directly to the museum walls. Over those strips I pasted cut-out illustrations depicting different regions of the U.S. It’s a new vibe for me, and I hope you dig it. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • Painting and drawing have become a larger part of my creative output. I started doing watercolors seriously while working on my first book, The Selby is in Your Place, in order to humanize my photographs and to make them feel more relatable and intimate. Painting also became a great way for me to move away from documentation and move towards pure creation. Through my paintings, I aim to inspire people and share my interests. My subjects often include animals, people, plants and silly doodles. They are very simple, yet I try to impart a cheerful and vibrant vibe. Rather than technically reproducing my subjects, I strive to bring my personality in terms of colors, aesthetic, fun, energy to everything I paint. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • I am a photographer mainly, but doing watercolor doodling is my side gig. So I decided I would do some watercolor paintings of all the super random things that inspire me, lobsters, cats, chinese take out, manhole covers, fire hydrants, you know… the good stuff. My wife @danielle_sherman came up with the idea to print white onto the finest shiny gold leather which apparently makes the shoes pop more. Check them out, they pop.  @buscemi @jonbuscemi @tonyarcabascio
    • The art world that I inhabit with my work is based on a creative documentation of real life - people, spaces and moments. My art highlights situations I’ve experienced, places I've been, and people I've seen. I've always had an admiration and passion for photography. Being a photographer is an instant excuse to jump into some really interesting situations. It offers opportunities to satisfy my curiosity, travel the world, and meet countless interesting people. Based on my encounters with various people and lessons and inspirations I get from them, my works stay positive and lively. #theselbyhouse @daelimmuseum
    • When I first started out doing photography in 2000 I shot my friends and friends of friends, and that was my portfolio that helped me land jobs shooting for Dazed & Confused and Spin Magazine. In 2008 I decided to get back to my roots and go full tilt working on my personal work, photos of creative people in their spaces. I shot everything digitally and put everything on my website, The Selby. This room in the Daelim Museum show is just some of my favorite images that I made in 2008. I was doing 3-4 photo shoots a week, it was so freeing to stop waiting for the phone to ring and start creating my own work. We broke this work into three walls, people, places and things. @daelimmuseum #theselbyhouse
    • As a kid, I hoarded tons of knick knacks and clothes in huge piles in my room. Instead of cleaning up, I hatched a brilliant plan to make the world a more colorful, messy place. This exhibition at Daelim Museum is my first attempt to bring this idea and my experiences together and share them through my photography, films, illustrations and sculptures. Link in bio for a full walkthrough of the show  #theselbyhouse 🌈🎨😜
    • One of my first shoots for The Selby circa 2008 with @backyardbill and @fannygentle #tbt
    • Do you like window shopping? So do I. Also I really like Champagne bucket and strange silver pieces. On that note this silver Cristofle Banana tree is actually a bucket for champagne. And the glasses are hidden under the leaves. Maybe still available at their Melrose store. 🔝🔝🔝
    • The Selby is shooting an ad campaign in LA and looking to shoot couples without kids as well as families with parents in their 30s and kids in the 1 to 6 year range. There will be compensation for the people we cast. Casting is happening in LA tomorrow and Wednesday. Please email theselbystudio@gmail.com for more information. You will need to be available for the shoot on June 1 and 2. Thanks!!
    • straight to @misterjius 🔥🔥🔝🔝 for those #zenlife cocktail
    • Hi San Francisco!!! 🔜I'm giving an artist 🎨 talk and an art demo 5pm this Saturday May 20 at the Union Square 🍏at 300 Post Street. More importantly 👋🏼 Lil Buck is going to be there (at 2:45) so I am hoping he sticks around so we can 👀 some of his 🔥moves!!! Link to RSVP: http://bit.ly/2qtD5Cf #sorryiarted #moreismore @lilbuckdalegend  #theselbyhouse #maximalist #lilbuckdalegend #askanartist #fivemealsaday #catsofinstagram #babymamadrama #hashtag #todayatapple
    • In collaboration with Volvo, I photographed Derek Mattison to celebrate the launch of the V90 Cross Country. Derek is a designer and entrepreneur with a dope house in the Hollywood Hills. In the winter he likes to hit the slopes, and the rest of the year you can find him biking and skating in Venice. I really dig the huge bronze mirror next to his pool. @mattisonderek @volvocars @volvocarusa
    • 😍happy Mother's Day to @danielle_sherman and all the moms of the 🌎 !!! You mean the world to us!!! 😍
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