• 5.29.15   Elisa Flowers Plays with Paper Dolls

    Photographer GL Wood likes to play, especially with convention. Most notably, perhaps, GL's vision has captured Nicki Minaj, whose legs were extended across her cover art for Pink Friday, and in countless magazines. It is exaggerations like this that allow him to give an impression of the world that is beyond what we see with just our eyes, presenting a different glass we can take on and shape our experiences. In his latest project, Paper Dolls, GL Wood examines the newest Fall / Winter 2015 looks in Women's fashion with the help of makeup artist Elisa Flowers. The experience is playful; the final presentation shows real collages of pieces from Balenciaga, Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, and many more on top of a single model, as if she were a paper doll. It is an examination of how the viewer of a magazine sees themselves in the fashions off the page. The model poses playfully, and exaggeratedly, showing off the inherent humor of the shoot. She reminds us that in some ways, this is a game. Blue and green eyeshadows and a bold red lip are reminiscent of the painted on colors of dolls freshly removed from their packages. With her tongue placed firmly inside a well rouged cheek, we are given the opportunity for a laugh, gazing upon fashion that is normally so out of reach but has suddenly been made immediately accessible. It is the game that disarms the viewer, the whimsy that reminds us that this is here for us. It allows us to enjoy the experience, even if we'll never have the clothes beyond playing with them as paper dolls.
  • 5.29.15   Tristan Eaton's Inspiration On Wheels

    It’s hard to go almost anywhere in the world, especially in New York City, without finding something that Tristan Eaton has put his mark on. His murals are on surfaces from Little Italy to Paris to Australia, each in his unique style that is immediately identifiable. He plays with conventions, pop culture from different eras, color, and movement in ways that are essentially Tristan Eaton, but also rooted deeply in their thematic and local inspirations. The Statue of Liberty graces a building in downtown Manhattan. An archetypical Film Noir damsel pales in the face of Botox on a Los Angeles wall. Napoleon rides into a philosophical battle, unaware of his essential irony, on a very post-war French building. Tristan understands context and draws inspiration from his own creative history, as well as the history around him, and there is no better example of this process than his latest multinational project. Tristan partnered up with Guess to begin this huge project in New York City. Drawing inspiration from Guess' aesthetic history and current photographic imagery, his murals focus on the fresh energy of contemporary life. In NYC's "Big City Dreams," the signature bold colors and movement of Tristan's work pops, but with a subtlety and calm inspired by Guess' identity. Tristan’s creative relationship with CEO of Guess, Paul Marciano, was a crucial element to making this project happen, something that isn’t lost on Tristan. He explains: “Paul’s history in the art world as a collector and supporter of the arts is on full display with this project.” But that’s not all. The journey continues through Europe as Tristan takes part in Gumball 3000, a cross-continental road trip. Tristan is strapped in one of Guess’ three official Dodge Vipers customized by Tristan's artwork. You can follow all three cars as they rip across Europe by following their progress on social media. All New York City photographs courtesy of Rey Rosa for The LoMan Art Festival and The L.I.S.A. Project NYC. Video created by Jordan Ahern.
  • 5.28.15   The Learning Process Never Ends for Chloe Aftel

    Chloe Aftel is in the middle of a gargantuan project right now. Over the course of eight months she’s working with Canon to create one hundred cinemagraphs showing off the features and possibilities of Canon’s product line. These tiny looping movies, that can be translated into GIFs for the purposes of sharing or showing off, each tell a very small story about the Canon product, or something else that’s happening in the frame. Given how short they are, Chloe and her team are forced to condense their story telling down to a very concentrated point, but she always maintains the integrity of the central goal. “What makes cinemagraphs successful is finding a way to make them look seamless but also consistent and interesting over time,” she explains. The nature of these cinemagraphs is that they loop, so each return to the flow of the story should deepen it and should reveal something new. The looping is an inherent feature of the technique, and Chloe uses this opportunity to enrich the story. “You don’t want something where it’s just interesting once. There’s some sort of charm or thrill or unexpected piece to it.”Chloe is creating an enormous amount of work with Canon in creating all these cinemagraphs. But even though she’s delving deep, the well isn’t going to dry up, she explains. She can start from the same position and end up with something new. “There are infinite possibilities in the world. There are so many ways to do it,” she says. “Whether it’s the first one you’re doing or the 97th, the question is ‘How is it going to work on a loop, how is it going to be visually interesting, how do we tell the story?’” By constantly returning to the heart of storytelling, Chloe is able to find something new every time and bring a fresh perspective no matter how many stories she has to tell. Still, it’s not easy every time. The volume of work is a huge challenge. But it’s something that Chloe has protected herself against as being a potential pitfall. She’s solved it by surrounding herself with the best people she could find. “I was very lucky that I had a very good team,” she says. “We’re doing eight a day – and this is basically doing eight little movies a day. And that part of it is intense.”About half of the cinemagraphs have been released and we’ve included a selection of some of the most compelling.  
  • 5.27.15   Jessica May Underwood Breaks New Ground for Harrods

    To celebrate spring, Harrods’ store has gone into full bloom. Inspired by the flowers of the season, they’ve filled their store, magazine, and window displays with the work of Jessica May Underwood. Her Victorian inspired line drawings of flowers represent a new chapter for the retail titan, something that isn’t lost on Jessica at all. “It’s the biggest thing they’ve undertaken that’s been solely illustrated,” she says. “It’s the first time my direct paintings have ever been made into something so large scale.” It's a huge vote of confidence for an internationally renowned retail space like Harrods to take the leap into illustration like this. They could have walked into it with some trepidation, but they didn't. They trusted Jessica's work and let it stand on its own.  "The nicest thing was that they kept it so true to the line work," she says. "And it was like watching my drawings grow literally into life size plants." From development, to drawing, to installing the final pieces; it has all come together very naturally.Like real flowers, Jessica’s installation has a finite life. It is not ironic, but perhaps fitting, that the composite pieces are as ephemeral as nature. She noticed the passage of time working on her contributions the last time she visited the installation. “It’s been about three weeks since opening night and they all gradually begin to wilt because they’re made out of paper,” she says. But rather than being disheartened by this, she recognizes the reflexive feature. “It’s really nice. Kind of the nature of the theme of it all. It sounds really predictable but I didn’t expect for it to happen. And it looks really lovely.” The effort that Jessica put into each image was to bring a sense of realism to the work, and as time passes the realistic aspect expands.This year, for the first time ever, Harrods attended the Chelsea Flower Show, the 103 year old even that celebrates spring and horticulture. Attended by 157,000 visitors each year (the number is limited), it is an international event and perhaps the most famous garden and flower show in the world. Harrods’ set up a booth this year, and used the same imagery for their display. The tradition of the Chelsea Flower Show reaches far back, drawing on inspiration from Victorian gardens, so it was fitting that Jessica’s work should be Harrods’ contribution. “For me it’s nice because it’s drawing on Victorian processes,” she explains. “It’s nice to be at the root of all of that as the artist.”Check out Jessica’s flowers at Harrods before they lose their pedals, and if you want a piece for your own, check out Harrods’ Magazine.
  • 5.26.15   Amy Taylor Sets a Heroic Scene

    Wonder Woman. Black Widow. Jean Grey. Storm. Maria Hill. To many, those first four names represent the most powerful women in any superhero universe, but the list is hollow if it leaves off the fifth. Maria Hill is the right hand woman to Nick Fury, the director of S.H.E.I.L.D., an international (and interdimensional) organization that operates the Avengers. The heroes of this, and many other worlds, go where she tells them to go, and if it weren't for her actions in this summer's biggest blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the entire planet earth would have been wiped of organic life. In the movie, Maria is played by Cobie Smulders, an actress who found her way into the living rooms of America over her nine season, astronomically successful SitCom, How I Met Your Mother. But while that show made her a household name, it is the Avengers that gives her the platform to make her mark. When it comes to superhero canon, the landscape is regrettably short on female superheroes. Those we do have are powerful, complex, dynamic, intelligent: a fair representation of any woman. And until that canon catches up with our contemporary understanding, we will be left with a drought of superheroines in mass media. Luckily, on the cover of Glamour México, we see what makes Colbie a woman, what makes her feminine. The set designed by Amy Taylor is graphic: three dimensional blocks and two dimensional squares are all painted in pastel. This soft rainbow echoes the dresses that Cobie wears, and in turn show off her softness, her femininity. But inside that grace is an ease, she sits with it unapologetically and honestly. Lounging across Amy's built steps of color, Cobie owns her femininity with a power that edges on alarming - not that she should be watched, but we should probably watch ourselves. In many ways, Amy's set is Cobie and is Maria Hill. The blocks and squares are supportive, strong, and bold but their colors paint their grace. They are both powerful and elegant; a combination that should surprise no one. It is a dichotomy that should be expected, understood, and known. This is not new, this is reality. And the more Maria Hills, and Black Widows, and Wonder Women we get to see on the big screen the less it should surprise anyone.
  • 5.22.15   Effervescent Excitement with Ars Thanea

    If you've never had Orangina, the carbonated orange drink that is mainly found in Europe, here's a tip: Shake it before you drink it. The natural pulp settles, and to really get the full experience, you have to shake it up to get a good mix. But be careful, the effervescence of the juice is compounded by the agitation, so open with care. When you shake it, you can imagine the vortexes your shakes are creating, swishing the juice around and catalyzing a potential explosion. The glass becomes something like Schrödinger’s lightning in a bottle, the anticipation of opening it as exciting as the drink itself. This was the feeling that Ars Thanea plumbed in their latest work with Orangina. When the drink company came to Ars Thanea, they knew they wanted the bottles to be shown beautifully, and to use the inherent energy of the drink in the composition, but they let the team at Ars Thanea figure out the details of how everything would come together. Conceptually, the images are inspired by traditional packshots, the photographs we’re used to seeing in milquetoast ads, but Ars Thanea wanted to bring it to another level. In a subtle subversion of convention they used the liquid dynamic of the drink to imply the shape of the bottle as it flew through the air. To achieve this effect they photographed silicone in a variety of different arcs and trajectories and stitched them together in postproduction. To bring an extra layer of excitement, Ars Thanea brought in some orange segments to fly around the composition. They worked through a few ideas and finally settled on the high velocity movement of flying pieces. “We wanted to underline the dynamic there,” says Marcin Kowalski of Ars Thanea, explaining how this added piece highlights the flavor and effervescence of the drink. Each element of the images give us an exciting look and feel to the Orangia experience.
  • 5.26.15   Tiny Atlas Quarterly Gets Down to Earth

    The endless white expanse of White Sands is actually gypsum, a stone that is a main component of chalk. The crystals are crunchy and course, and bounce light like a soft mirror – any photographer’s dream. When Emily Nathan took a shoot out to White Sands for the latest issue of Tiny Atlas Quarterly, it was almost like checking a line off a bucket list; it was somewhere she’d been wanting to visit for a long time. “It’s an amazing, amazing place,” Emily gushes. “I’ve been to a lot of places, like so many places. And I don’t usually want to take selfies or sort of freak out about a place. But White Sands is just stunning. For photographers it’s like kryptonite.” But she did take selfies, and photographs of her real life photographer friends, Sera Lindsay and Philip Eastman, wearing Teva’s latest footwear. “I had to keep taking pictures. I took pictures from the car, every moment. It’s just spectacular. It’s so beautiful,” she says To bring this shoot into focus for Tiny Atlas, Emily conscripted a miniature team of artists for their signature flair. “There’s just all these layers like a typical Tiny Atlas story. We worked with graphic designer Lauren Crosier on the typography and Heather Day who’s a painter,” she says. She chose Heather’s work specifically for the aesthetic interpretation that it would bring to the story. Inherent in the name of the publication is that it is about travel, and spaces, and how people interact with those spaces. How the world can become an atlas, a map, as we find our way through from one place to the next. Heather’s work was pitch perfect for Emily to combine with her photography. “A lot of [Heather’s] paintings have a sort of mapping sentiment to them that are abstract. We simplified her work to fit the imagery,” says Emily When pairing with a brand like Teva for her own publication, the most important element is integrity. The pairing has to make sense, and for Emily, the relationship with Teva made sense because Teva understands what Tiny Atlas is all about. When they came to Tiny Atlas, they wanted to stay true to the vision of the publication. “We worked with Teva from the beginning, and they really looked to Tiny Atlas to do our thing which was cool. They wanted us to find locations that were inspiring for us, that worked for our content, and then they wanted real people for models,” she says. So that’s what they did. Armed with cameras, friends, and the gypsum crystals of White Sands, they stepped into this otherworldly setting and found another pin to sink into their atlas.
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  • Me & @maxhaus are repping #TEAM16 today for the final leg of the @gumball3000!!! Showin our commitment on a giant billboard in #DEATHVALEY!!! #PorschePanamera courtesy of our good pals at @rmdagency / @rmdlife - you guys are the best!!! @gumball3000 @mrgumball3000 #gumball3000
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shout out and thanks to @kobrapaint
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  • I finally tried Prime Pizza on Fairfax, from my boys that do my Cofax & Golden State.
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  • Hayden chillin on the new roof deck
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  • Heals Window celebrating our wallpapers. Walako and I have been asked to participate in a talk with Lawrence Zeegan chairing next Wednesday 25 places left. @heals_furniture #ekwallpaper #vanitycats
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  • Last minute stage advice from @smbstudios @studio_blup Tomorrow it
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  • Tormorrow sees the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 1. To celebrate @jumpman23 release the Nike Air Jordan 1 OG Chicago. IT
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  • Just casually met my new best friend @bubbbbalicious when doing a showroom pull at ASOS New York HQ today. 
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