• 8.16.17 Lola Paprocka of Lola + Pani Finds Beauty in All Forms for Vogue Italia

    Memories are more than moments. A smell can whisk you back to the beach, a touch can recall a relationship, and even architecture can be like home. Lola Paprocka, of Lola & Pani, grew up in Poland so her childhood was colored by the Brutalist architecture that was popular in the region. And that architecture reminds her of home. “I grew up in Eastern Europe so I’ve always had a soft spot for Brutalist architecture. Maybe because I’ve been in England for over 15 years, it’s like a memory from childhood,” she explains. When Vogue Italia approached her to shoot a new fashion story she wanted to do something that felt close to her heart, so she put a focus on Brutalist architecture. It does, after all, have its own sense of beauty. And she wanted to share what she sees. The story wasn’t shot in Poland, or even in Belgrade where she shot a similar personal project years ago that she turned into a book. Instead, this story was shot in London, a city that has its own gems of Brutalist architecture. But the story is about far more than just the buildings. “I wanted to make it as natural as possible so it doesn’t feel over-styled or extremely fashion, I wanted it to have it shot like a documentary,” she explains. “I really like to have the environment around rather than just show clothes. I thought it’s going to be a bit more natural as if I were going for a walk and doing it myself without a whole team.” So that’s what she did. She put a shared focus on the clothes, an intimate feeling with the models, plus landscape and architecture to shape a narrative that encompasses more than just style or fashion. It evokes emotion and draws the viewer in to see familiar elements in ways they’ve never seen before. When Lola was tasked with this project, she made it a point to stick to shooting what she loved so she could share that unique and personal point of view with us and with Vogue Italia. And it paid off. We're thrilled to welcome Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul to our roster. See more of their work here.
  • 8.15.17 Radio Puts SpongeBob in Your Pocket for Nickelodeon

    What’s going on in Bikini Bottom? We’re not entirely sure, and we think it’s probably best if you don’t think too hard about it. SpongeBob SquarePants and all his friends (and maybe an enemy or two) are always engaged in thrilling escapades that are more mature than you probably remember, using humor and absurdity to talk about real human issues with more than a couple laughs. The show has been on the air for nearly 18 years, with 242 episodes over the life of the series. Those kinds of numbers aren’t a fluke. It’s thanks to the relatable and loveable SpongeBob and Patrick that keep people coming back. And now you can have more SpongeBob in your life thanks to Radio and Nickelodeon. The South Africa and UK based creative studio teamed up with Nickelodeon to create a series of “Stickers” for iMessage on Apple phones. The GIFs features SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr Krabs, and even fan favorite “Handsome Squidward” who has become a meme in is own right. The stickers are available to iOS users who can inject them into their everyday conversations, letting the joy and farce of SpongeBob and his undersea compatriots color their text messages. To get your own collection of Radio’s SpongeBob SquarePants stickers in your pocket, download the free app though the App Store.
  • 8.11.17 Andrew Fitzsimons Uses Beauty for Transgender Activism

    Our lives are largely dictated by how we see ourselves, and how we see ourselves is influenced in large part by how others see us. That’s why external transformations can have such a powerful effect on the psyche and change the way we walk through this world. That’s something that Andrew Fitzsimons knows from his daily work in the beauty industry and something he’s hoping to use as a tool for change with TEEP (Transgender Economic Empowerment Project) and the LGBTQ center in Los Angeles. “Beyond it being a program to help trans women feel confident, what I want to focus on and bring attention to is the gender non-conforming community,” Andrew tells V Magazine. “Coming from the beauty industry, being able to see people express themselves however they choose to, and it isn’t only makeup or hair, but it is about self-care and being your own authentic self.” Few communities in the US are as vulnerable as the trans community. They face undue discrimination and intense scrutiny just stepping out their doors while they try to live their lives. It can often feel like a daily battle. But by offering the opportunity to lift members of the community up, even through beauty, the effect can be magnanimous. “I felt like creating a program where myself and my peers (beauty professionals, celebrities, editors) would be able to pool our resources," Andrew says. "We live in an age where cosmetics are one of the biggest industries and we get sent so many products we don’t even know what to do with. So I said 'I’m a feminist, I would love to first and foremost help women.' There was a community of women and non-conforming people that don’t have access to a lot of self-care products. I wanted to built a bridge between the beauty community with a beautiful, vibrant, and growing community and build a bridge not only for beauty professionals to donate and conduct an act of service, but [also] to open up a conversation about why an organization like TEEP exists and why there is a need to help the trans community. Self-esteem plays such a big role in people’s lives and people feeling like their most authentic selves.” Sometimes the most powerful thing an ally can do for a marginalized group is to speak up and lend a helping hand. That’s exactly what Andrew Fitzsimons is doing with TEEP and the LGBTQ center. For more information, check out the piece in V Magazine. Photographs by Greg Swales.
  • 8.10.17 Celyn and Delta Travel to 133 Cities Through Art

    America is a melting pot and no city shows that better than New York. New York is where millions come to chase their dreams, establishing it as a new home. But a new home will never replace the old, and that’s exactly the point that Delta wanted to make with a new mural created with Wieden + Kennedy and Celyn Brazier. Delta services 133 cities directly from New York City airports and they want to flaunt it – for good reason. Each city that Delta services from NYC airports has its own style and its own flair, like the people who populate NYC, so they asked Celyn to work with the unique airport codes for each of the airports and inject in the unique style of the destination. BZN (Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport) features cowboys and a horse squeezed into the three thin letters. NCE reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle of Nice, France. SEA, the code for Seattle, plays off their coffee culture and rainy days. Each one of the 133 codes each reveals little secrets or trends familiar to anyone from those cities, and gives a flavor to those who still have to visit. “Many people who call New York home have another hometown somewhere else,” Ian Hart, Wieden + Kennedy copywriter, told AdWeek. “And since Delta flies to more hometowns from New York than any other airline—133 of them, to be exact—we knew we had a unique opportunity to show some big-city love to hometowns the world over.” The mural is on view in Williamsburg, Brooklyn right now and will be up through the end of the month. Go ahead and take a look, post a photo of the #deltadestinations on your social profiles, or grab some gear with Celyn’s artwork on it!
  • 8.9.17 Ben Rayner Crosses the Atlantic with Glamour UK

    So far this summer, Ben Rayner has shot two stories for Glamour UK, and what’s really remarkable about both of the stories – even with different fashion and models and locations – is that they’re both identifiably Ben’s work. His style is threaded through each image. That’s because Glamour UK has become an incredible creative partner for Ben, acting as a true collaborator, letting him execute his vision in every project. “They let me be me, and are super responsive to creative ideas about everything - everything from start to finish. Even down to layout and image selection, which is really nice and I think shows my personality in the work,” explains Ben. “The way things are seen in print is quite different. It’s nice to have such an influence on that and work with the designers and bounce ideas around.” That means that Ben’s vision isn’t limited to the bounds of the photograph’s frame, but takes part in deciding how they sit on the page, interact with the text, and lay in the magazine. It’s a holistic approach. The first project with Glamour took him to Miami on a shoot that he kept intimate and agile. Ben and his team wanted to escape New York’s chilly June, so they headed down to Florida. Miami is often a destination for photographers because the city is so beautiful, but Ben wanted to do something a little different than the recognizable beach story. “We wanted to shoot something that wasn’t typically Miami which is why it may not be completely recognizable,” says Ben. “So it’s quite nice to go places like that but then use them in completely different ways. I’ve shot in Miami lots of times but never quite in that way.” Miami was the location but the location can always be whatever the photographer needs it to be. For this shoot, the focus was the awesome model, the great fashion, and the experience that translated to imagery – so that’s what Ben highlighted in his photographs. Later in the summer, Ben teamed up with Glamour UK on the other side of the Atlantic. He was in London with three up and coming models to photograph their favorite pieces from the new season of runway collections. Again, though, Ben’s style isn’t to look at clothes in a vacuum. Instead, he wanted to put them in a personal context. The story ended up having a looser structure to it than traditional fashion stories, but he did that specifically so that we can imagine living in the clothes instead of just understanding them as technical pieces of constructed fabric. “The clothes are less thematic, it’s more about the personality of the girls, almost like a photo diary,” says Ben. “It’s more about the interaction so it was just a nice series.” After all, there are two ways to understand fashion: in the carefully calibrated world of the imagination, and how the clothes will actually live on regular people in the real world. Ben is all about showing the real.
  • 8.3.17 Tom Corbett and a Tradition of Elegance with The Knot

    Whether jubilant or solemn, every wedding has at least a measure of pageantry in it. The ceremonies are steeped in tradition – maybe the words echo through generations, or actions are dictated by a culture, or the fashion is designed by the trends of a community. Each element comes together to create a ritual that’s deeply personal to those getting married and their witnesses entering the public covenant with them. Because those moments and expressions are so specific and personal, when Tom Corbett shoots wedding dresses, like in this month’s issue of the Knot, he makes them less about the wedding and more about the clothes. “When I shoot bridal I never think of it as bridal,” says Tom. “If you think about it like that you’re going to get bridal pictures, and nobody wants to see that. So when I shoot bridal I think of it as a fashion shoot and they just happen to be white dresses.” For this latest story with The Knot, Tom and the magazine went to Saratoga Race Course, a horse-racing track with its own storied history. Not exactly the first location you’d think of when considering a spot for a bridal shoot. But for Tom it was about the shared traditions and pageantry. Maybe a racetrack isn’t used to hosting a gaggle of brides in big white dresses, but the racetrack has always been a crucible of elegant fashion. “Back in the day people would really dress up to go to these places,” says Tom. “The buildings and the grounds have an old movie quality to them. It still exists, that feeling, and we tapped into that.” Tom and his team let the images draw on that environmental essence with a blend of energy and stillness, framing the images as an extension of that emotional heritage. Part of what makes the images so successful is how the light hits the models and the dresses. The diffused and filtered light allows for all the details on the dresses to be clear – because, after all, it’s about the dresses. This was possible because the day of the shoot was cloudy, and that’s exactly what Tom hoped for. “It did rain very heavily for some of the shoot, but what I said was the biggest thing that could go wrong for us is we get a really sunny day,” explains Tom. “The fact that it was overcast, we suddenly got this big, beautiful light. We could shoot all day long.” So they did. They only had to alter the light for one shoot, but the rest of the day Tom and his team were able to use what was available to the greatest effect and create a beautiful story.
  • 8.2.17 Todd Selby Goes a Different Route with Volvo

    Automobiles are incredible feats of engineering. Hundreds of designers, mechanics, and engineers come together to create a single car, a beautiful piece of work that becomes a massive investment for the driver. And that investment is well repaid – cars offer mobility and a form of freedom that no other vehicle can. While most of the advertising world commits to touting the results of the science and design behind cars, this season Volvo had a different idea. They wanted to center the story on who drives their cars and they wanted Todd Selby to help them execute it. “It’s more about finding a person who reflects a certain lifestyle,” explains Todd. “I think that was really smart of Volvo to be open to that.” Todd found Derek Mattison, a designer and entrepreneur whose lifestyle matches Volvo’s new V90 Cross Country, to and visited his space and his life to show off that shared life aesthetic. By putting a focus on the lifestyle, Todd and Volvo are able to show a deeper understand of what cars do and what they can represent. It’s about how we choose to spend our time and what we choose to surround ourselves with. “Derek is really successful and has an amazing design sense and incredible home and lifestyle and stays active,” explains Todd. “It’s very important with the Volvo Cross Country to tie in with an active lifestyle. That’s really interesting. It’s not just shooting product, it’s also about these associations and people. People want to see other people and learn about people so it was smart of Volvo to go that route.” On their own cars can seem almost sterile – they are machines after all. But by exploring how they fit into a life we can understand how they can fit into our lives. It’s a holistic message. And it’s also what Todd likes to spend his time photographing:  “I’m always looking for people with a point of view in terms of how they have chosen to live their life but also how they’ve done their space and how they choose to present themselves,” explains Todd. “There’s a kind of documentarism. That’s what I’m looking to train my lens on. So I really love that [Mattison] has that unique perspective and style that you see across everything he does.”
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  • When @andrewfitzsimons first conceived his new partnership with TEEP and the LGBTQ Center in Los Angeles, he looked at all the extra product he had and thought, "I’m a feminist, I would love to first and foremost help women." This is the result.⠀
Photo by @gregswalesart for @Vmagazine.⠀
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  • "I wanted to build a bridge between the beauty community with a beautiful, vibrant, and growing community and build a bridge," @andrewfitzsimons says about his new partnership with TEEP and the LGBTQ Center in Los Angeles.⠀
Photo by @gregswalesart for @Vmagazine.⠀
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  • @andrewfitzsimons turns beauty into activism teaming up with TEEP (Transgender Economic Empowerment Project) and the LGBTQ Center in Los Angeles to offer empowering beauty resources to trans folks. "It is about self-care and being your own authentic self," he says.⠀
Photo by @gregswalesart for @Vmagazine.⠀
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