• 4.21.17   Tom Corbett's Organized Chaos for The Gloss

    Fashion is about more than what blouse or pant you’re wearing, more than textures and colors. There’s so much more to consider: what bag, what jewelry, what hair will bring a look together and totally punch it up? The latest issue of The Irish Times’ The Gloss is all about the extras, and features a cover shoot by Tom Corbett who answers that flurry of questions with every frame. How does he do it? “Organized chaos is really what you’re after,” Tom explains. “Yes, you want to make sure the bag doesn’t turn the wrong way, but I love to shoot quickly, I like to embrace chaos and have people that can work around me and bring that energy together.” As Tom shoots, the energy compounds frame after frame, and he doesn’t let it drop. He doesn’t worry about the tiny details that can be worked out later because for him it’s about keeping the shoot alive, letting it flow, and allowing the natural rhythm to reveal the best moments. “We can just really work to that energy and not worry about certain things too much because then they tend to kill the moment. Then afterwards we go back to see if we got it.” For a lot of photographers, choosing to shoot in the studio on a white background with white lights could present a massive challenge (especially considering Tom’s goals with this shoot). But Tom has mastered the spare set, working not only with the fashion and accessories and model to create images that are full of life, but also using his tools as a photographer to make it work. “It really was about cramming things into the frame,” says Tom. “That’s why she’s bending down, for a little bit more of a fashion moment, making a shape within the frame so you can see the clothing. Keeping the crop really tight also helps with the energy, to have it explode out of the tightness of the frame.” By going in really close or finding an angle that we’re not use to seeing, Tom’s images tell us that there’s more than what we’re seeing. The energy starts in the frame but extends beyond it, onto the next page, into the next images, and past that through our imagination. “I just love the energy of it,” says Tom. “I always love working like this, it gives you a frame that is sometimes unexpected. It’s second nature to me now, finding interesting angles to try to make these a little different and a little bit more fun, a little bit more caught.” Every image seems like we’re catching the girl at a moment she didn’t expect, a glimpse of elegant effortlessness, made possible through the work of Tom and his team.
  • 4.26.17   Joe Pugliese Spins 100 at The Price Is Right

    The Price Is Right is an American staple not just because it’s been around for forever, but because every episode feels just like the last with the same excitement, same games, and a deep vein of authentic joy running through every minute. It’s immediately recognizable to anyone who’s touched popular culture even on a surface level, and that’s one of the reason that Joe Pugliese chose to highlight the shoe as a part of his ongoing collaboration with LA Magazine. They’ve invited him to serve up a new library of Los Angeles themed images every month and this month it focuses on that incredible show. “I’m coming up with all the ideas of iconic, lasting, but not necessarily cliché LA institutions,” explains Joe. “The Price is Right is like the most lasting symbol of Showbiz to me. There have been a lot of strong icons in that world but not any that have lasted this long. It’s literally unchanged since 1972.” The show’s recognizable icons, like the colored set and graphic name tags drum up inside each and every viewer a pang of nostalgia that will never go away. The games are fun, and Drew Carey has been a magnanimous replacement for Bob Barker, but the show is really about one thing: the folks in the audience. “It’s all about the contestant on that show so the crowd is the draw, so I thought it made perfect sense for a portrait series to give us a cross-section of who is attracted to that part of Hollywood,” Joe explains. The Price Is Right isn’t just visual nostalgia, but also reminds us of a different kind of Hollywood that has since disappeared except for on The Price Is Right. It’s an era where daily heroes were plucked out of obscurity and showered with riches, in cash and prizes, thanks to good luck and a little bit of skill. We still have other shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, but The Price Is Right somehow feels more possible, more accessible. Somehow it feels both an inevitability and an impossible dream. To get these richly full portraits, Joe looked to the audience and asked them to have the experience of the show in front of his camera. “I picked people out of the crowd and had them come over to a makeshift studio we set up just outside the line so they came into our little hut that was private,” Joe explains. “And then I would ask them about what brought them here, or what are they going to do if they picked, or how excited they’ll be if they say your name and ‘Come On Down!’ Everyone was just so jacked up that they had no problem reenacting their reenaction.” Joe stood in for all of us in these moments, witnessing the boundless energy that comes with tapping into the emotional history of the show. The Price Is Right is such a unique microcosm in American life, one that is at once immediately recognizable and just out of reach for all of us. Joe, to his credit, gives us a piece of that impossibility.  
  • 4.24.17   Craig Ward Gets Adventurous for ARTech

    Art does not begin and end inside museums. At B&A we represent hundreds of artists that extend the reach of art from the covers of magazines, to the streets of New York, all the way to fully immersive experiences at festivals like South By Southwest. But each of us touches art every day whether we notice it or not. As we’ve become a more digital society the way art is distributed over the world has shifted, making art and technology inseparable. This spring, NYC’s Meatpacking District teamed up with NYSCI and Children’s Museum of the Arts to create ARTech, an event that lets attendees explore how art, technology, and science come together. They asked Craig Ward to help them for a logo for the event, but Craig teamed up with Nico Ortega to create an entire identity for the event. “What the identity does is draw a very long line between those two words [Art and Tech] and have interesting things happen to the line like interesting things happen between art and technology,” explains Craig. “That was the core idea behind the identity and then the posters and the illustrations and the graphics we created were an extension of that idea.” Each of the three final posters, which were part of a wider range of executions, explores how the typography can operate as a metaphor for exploration and expression. Fittingly, it took an exploration of art and technology for Craig and his team to arrive at the final images. Initially they thought they might have a motion-based execution that ultimately informed the final results. “We imagined the identity would live across platform,” says Craig. “We thought it would work in moving image because we were tossing around the idea of doing moving image projections, but we also knew there was going to be a printed component. That was where it came from.” The final compositions ended up staying still, but have the concept of emotion in the center of them lending that energy to the pieces. ARTech is open through the end of April, at 459 West 14th Street between Donovan and Division. Tickets are free so get there while you can!
  • 4.20.17   Tatiana Plakhova Sees the Future with The Wall Street Journal

    Cities are giant data centers. As hundreds of thousands of residents scurry around, they form neighborhoods and cultures and, eventually, needs all around them. As messy as people are, data is a little neater and opens windows into how to solve particular issues. By tracking the geography of crime, accidents, traffic, and even illnesses, officials can determine how to better allocate resources in more effective ways. Information has been used this way for decades, but just recently modern civic analytics has shifted making the information more accessible and more actionable. On Monday, April 17, The Wall Street Journal published a Journal Report on the “Future of Cities” and invited Tatiana Plakhova to illustrate the front page. Tatiana is best known for her ability to blend the biological with the mechanical, bringing math and digital sciences into the natural world. We’re most used to seeing her work with heavenly bodies, but as civic analytics develops and these data help us understand the behavior of city residents, we see that same convergence of the mathematic and the natural. Tatiana’s illustration for The Wall Street Journal imagines a city scape of the future, not too different from the skylines we’re already see every day, but with sharper angles and glassier towers. These are the buildings where human beings live and work and breathe and laugh and eat and commute. Every skyline is the macro-shadow of the people who live in it. Every street is merely a pathway for human behavior, and Tatiana has given us those pathways with parabolic linear overlays (some even include data points) and fractal ripples. At the scale where a skyscraper fits behind your thumb it’s hard to see the people making the cities run, but Tatiana shows us both. The information implied through her schematics show the behavior in concert with her detailed buildings. She shows us a smart city, a city that’s flowing, understanding itself, developing. She shows us a city of the future.
  • 4.18.17   On To The Future with Mario Wagner

    When GumGum’s latest editorial venture, The Visionary, was looking for artists to launch with in their initial round of publication, they sought artists with range and an understanding of different cultures. Who better than Mario Wagner? Mario is originally from Germany, so his experience of sport is a little different from the way we operate here in America. For The Visionary's article on advertising in sports Mario had to bring together a bunch of disparate elements and blend them all into two compositions. Soccer is obviously a huge industry in Europe, but it doesn’t carry with it the same pervasive experience that sports represent in America. “Sports is a different thing here,” Mario explains. “People are just pumped up and showy and it’s just this competitive thing. And we don’t have high school sport or college sport. We don’t have any of that. You just join a professional team if you’re good enough to play in your local team, but there’s no college. That doesn’t happen for us.” Plus there are just so many more popular sports in the US, from American Football to Baseball to Basketball, through Hockey and more. Billions of dollars and years of fans lives are applied to these games, and all of that appears in his illustration.  One of the aspects that really made this project fun for Mario is that it represents a great middle ground for his personal development as an artist. These pieces blend his “old” and his “new,” something that's more acutely obvious in a piece about the future of advertising.  “I’m shifting a little bit,” Mario explains. “[The newer work is] less noisy. They are more solid colors and they are less collage, less gritty. In the past I was always adding little numbers and it was very layered, very packed, and very full of details. Now it’s a little more conceptual and a little more cleared out.” In these images for The Visionary you’ll find some photorealistic elements, some highly detailed imagery, even a grid and some symbols. But you’ll also find his new play with color and a more spacious composition. This is the New Mario mixed with the Classic Mario we first fell in love with.  
  • 4.19.17   Marco Grob Photographs Variety's Wonder Women

    2016 offered us all a whole lot of lessons, not least of which is to be more aware of the overwhelming power of women. The fact that we must bring attention to their power is in and of itself a teachable moment, but until we see equality across the board it’s valuable for everyone to bask in representation and lifting voices for every little girl and everyone woman who have been told that they cannot achieve their dreams. That’s just not true anymore. Every year Variety uses their massive reach as a brand to bring attention to a collection of women doing the important work of using their influence to benefit worthy causes. This year Variety chose to highlight six women: Jessica Chastain, Chelsea Clinton, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald, and Shari Redstone for their incredible work. And they invited Marco Grob to photograph each of these amazing ladies for a collection of six different covers, as well as a series portraits. This is a unique challenge for Marco who photographs a dizzying array of celebrities, mostly as a way to promote their professional work. But these features are not about the latest movie or development deal, instead they’re about humans effecting humans, so Marco gives us a deeper, richer look. A gracious laugh from Clinton. A quiet moment with Lively. A commanding and uncompromising Chastain. These photographs show the versions of these women we always wanted to see, but never had the access. Marco gives us a peek at the people behind the stories we hear from them. Each portrait comes with an interview that gets into the working moments of these women and who they are beyond the typical public story we’re used to seeing (and hearing about). We’re seeing more of what we want thanks to Marco’s invitation.
  • 4.17.17   Radio Gets Organized with Slack

    We could all use a little more organization in our lives. Whether it’s getting your desk in order, attacking those kitchen cabinets, or creating a better workflow on your team at the office, a little bit of streamlining never hurt anyone’s goals. But how do you organize people? How do you streamline communication? Slack is a messaging, file sharing and search service that lets collaborators communicate in focused ways to better work together towards their common goals. To get the word out about their unique product, Slack asked Radio to visualize their service in a way that would tell their story and show the fun of organized work. For inspiration, Radio looked to a popular Tumblr blog that’s become the mecca for organization porn. “We were inspired by the Tumblr ‘Things Organized Neatly’ and we wanted to convey how Slack makes your life more organized no matter what industry,” explains Byron Meiring, Creative Director at Radio. That Tumblr presents photographs of collections, small or large, laid out in ways that makes them more about organization than function (and it’s very satisfying). Although Slack exists in the digital world, Radio brought their composition into the real world, using visual identifiers, like paper texture and magnifying glasses, to give us something to connect to when looking at the work. “It’s the old versus new,” explains Byron. “The way we communicate now and how it happened 20-30 years has changed immensely, so it’s nice to bring a bit of that paper feeling back to a digital platform.” As generations of digitally native workers come to innovate in the workplace, there’s no longer a line between digital and analogue. They’re not separate for those who have lived in a world with both of them, so it makes sense that Radio wouldn’t shy from using the two aesthetics in a single space. Radio wasn’t just the right creative group to use because they understand aesthetics – they also understand digital communication. They do their work in teams spread out all over the world. And you’ll never guess who makes that possible. “We use Slack in the studio its a huge help running all our jobs as we have the two studios in London and Cape Town so it definitely streamlines our work flow,” Byron explains. It’s a product they understand, in a world they know, so they present it in the best way they can: truthfully.
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