• 12.7.17 Sawdust Creates a New Logo and Identity for Converse

    Converse is as an iconic sneaker brand as any other. The brand was at the forefront of athletic sneakers, and Michael Jordan’s favorite brand to play in before he hesitantly joined Nike. Decades later, Converse is under the Nike umbrella and continues to be at the forefront of lifestyle footwear. They’re on trend but thought they could use one update: their logo. So Conversed asked Sawdust to help them do it.  “Trust is the keyword, the Converse team put their faith in us to explore ideas with them,” explains Rob Gonzalez, who created Sawdust with Jonathan Quainton. “They made us feel like part of the family rather than putting the weight of the world on our shoulders — it was very much a team effort with discussions about what works and what doesn’t.” Converse’s logo has gone through some transformation in the century the brand has been around. They’ve had wordmarks and stars, but Sawdust brought everything together, simplified it, and created the new star and chevron look. It’s no small job to take a logo that’s been at the forefront of cultural conversation for decades and bring new life to it. That logo will be seen on shoes, advertisements, stores, tags, teeshirts, everything. It’s an undertaking the Sawdust understands. “It was a great honour to work on a project of this magnitude with Converse,” Jonathan says. Not only is it a huge job to shuffle the identity of a brand like Converse, but it has personal implications. As kids both Rob and Jonathan either owned or were well aware of converse as products. Long before they were designers or working with the brand, the shoes were a part of their world. “I still remember the day when I was a kid and my sister bought some Converse Chuck Taylor high tops — blew my mind! I always copied her because she was cooler than me,” explains Rob. It reminds us that the icons walking down the street are all created by hardworking creative minds like those at Sawdust.
  • 12.8.17 Jeremy Corbyn Rolls Up His Sleeves with Marco Grob and British GQ

    After Jeremy Corbyn sat for the cover of British GQ with Marco Grob rumors of the event exploded all over the media, with a bevy of stories about the story. Controversies and retractions followed, but what matters at the end of the day is one thing and one thing only: Marco took some fantastic pictures. Corbyn is something of an anomaly, not just in UK politics but in all facets. Marco and Fashion Director Luke Day were able to get the Labour Party leader into a tie – an accessory he regularly avoids – dressing him up further than normal. For most politicians, especially at Corbyn’s level, a detail as simple as a tie in the House of Commons is unquestionable but Corbyn has made his career being accessible to the people, straight off the cuff, and always authentic. That persona is what’s made him so attractive to his fans and made for such a lovely shoot with Marco. Plus it’s also part of what’s so complex about Corbyn: he doesn’t look like any other politician. He doesn’t carry himself the same way, think the same way, or speak the same way. GQ couldn’t have Corbyn on the cover of their Election Special and annual list of the 50 best-dressed men in a relaxed shirt, so they dressed him in Marks and Spencer, an affordable British brand – a responsible choice for the Labour leader. Corbyn is more buttoned up, and potentially more Prime Ministerial, on Marco’s cover than normal, but there’s still a glimpse of the Corbyn we know and recognize on the inside with a black and white image of Corbyn rolling up his sleeves – perhaps ready to get to work?
  • 12.6.17 Future and Young Thug Get Loud with ilovedust

    A mixtape collaboration between Future and Young Thug has been expected for years. Both artists are from Atlanta but for some reason had never done deep work together. They had features together, a pretty public feud, but once the hatchet was buried “Super Slimey” hit the digital airwaves without announcement. It was total surprise. There were rumors of songs, but not a whole album. The Atlanta artists needed some top-level artwork to pair with the project and asked ilovedust to help them out. The result is an incredibly aggressive image of a fanged green snake wrapped around a petrified black eagle skull.  The album hit with no notice, but the reaction was swift and strong. The sounds are assertive, the lyrics provocative, and the project hard-hitting – just like the image that ilovedust created for the project. And also just like Thugger and Future’s work, ilovedust remixed the image a few time. The beats that both artists are rapping over are taken from other work, blended with new ideas, and packaged into complete pieces of new work. Although the acid green snake and midnight black skull are what Young Thug and Future ultimately picked for the cover of their album, the team at ilovedust created a more psychedelic inspired 70s/80s version, as well as a gold and marble take that includes plenty of feathers. Hip hop, and really every other form of art, is a conversation and that conversation is always changing. This time ilovedust’s work reflected the work they were collaborating with, and the ever changing nature of that discourse.
  • 12.5.17 Stephen Wilkes Celebrates Canada's 150th Anniversary

    Canada Day marks the foundation of the country as we understand as Canada today. On July 1, 1867 the separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick came together to be recognized as a single entity within the British Empire. It marks how Canada united from disparate communities into a single state. It’s a statewide celebration of oneness, unity, and identity. It’s a huge, country-wide celebration, but from his perch across from Centre Block, the main building of the Canadian parliamentary, Stephen Wilkes caught some of the most exciting bits. Using his signature technique from his “Day to Night” series, Stephen spent the entire day and night watching the festivities below, photographing thousands of images, and blending them together into a single composition. The result is a day of celebration and night of fireworks on the 150th anniversary of Confederation.   The Embassy of the United States in Ottawa invited Stephen to create the image as a symbol of American-Canadian friendship in this magnanimous year, and in partnership with the National Gallery of Canada the photography will be on view at the National Gallery through the entire month of December. “I’m thrilled to partner with the National Gallery of Canada to welcome Stephen Wilkes for the unveiling of this special work for the people of Canada,” said U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft. “It’s incredible to be in Canada during such a momentous year and an honor to present to the Canadian people a work by one of America’s most iconic and accomplished photographers.” “We are pleased to pursue these enriching conversations to bring the perspectives of American artists to Canadian audiences,” said National Gallery of Canada Director and CEO, Marc Mayer. “The partnership between the Gallery and the Embassy of the United States has created an important forum for cross-cultural exchange.”
  • 11.30.17 Nomoco Helps the Transition Travel with Alaska Airlines

    It’s easy to get caught up in the common wisdom about airports: we imagine them as spaces where travelers rush from one timed event to another, trying to get through security lines fast enough to make their next flight, all on the way out. But there’s a magic to the airport, it’s where we move from one space into another. Airports are resting spots between moments on our individual journeys and the perfect place to reflect on where we’re going and where we’ve been. Recently, Nomoco was commissioned by Alaska Airlines through Hornall Anderson to help bring a new energy to a tunnel through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with an installation of a massive illustration. The illustration stretches more than 200 feet through SEATAC Airport, acting as a transition through the space, but allowing travelers to visit Nomoco’s take on a variety of destinations. Although Nomoco’s illustration includes recognizable locations like the Yucatan Peninsula, Cuba, and Los Angeles, there are sections that are more interpretive. A forest full of birds, a bubbly body of water, and stretches of clouds are all space we can let our travel dreams take hold. “Inspired by the rich colors of nature and the vibrant air of cities, I aimed to create a rhythmical transition journey space from city to city,” explains Nomoco. “I hope it brings an uplifting atmosphere to the tunnel.”  The next time you’re walking through the airport on your way home, on a trip, or towards another flight, remember to take a breath and remember that there’s something magical about the whole thing. And if you forget to, maybe Nomoco will help remind you.
  • 11.29.17 Tom Corbett Gets Moving with Harper's BAZAAR Greece

    Fashion is all about reinvention, and few looks are more ripe for innovation than the toga, a stereotypical Ancient Greek garment that has inspired fashion for millennia. This season Chanel has tapped into that Greek heritage for their line that is rife with references to the ancient past but with a fresh flavor. Harper’s BAZAAR Greece asked Tom Corbett to shoot an editorial that brings extra life to the clothes, and the story just dropped. “We wanted to take these clothes and give them some energy,” explains Tom. “I like to have a lot of movement in my work, so it was a movement story, using our fabulous hairdresser to help with the movement of the hair.” The key to making a shoot like this work, blending the old with the new, is to keep a very contemporary eye on the imagery and make sure that the references don’t overpower the contemporary artistry. So that’s exactly what Tom did. “The fact that we were shooting in a really modern way allowed us to get away with some of this. I think that helped,” says Tom. “We shot with a very Greek emphasis on it. Being a Greek magazine I wanted to do a modern take on it and I think that’s why it worked.” The influences are alive, but the focus is making sure the clothes, and the model, look amazing.
  • 11.28.17 Joshua Davis Sets a New Pace for BMW in Shanghai

    There are as many ways to run as there are runners, each with their own goals, methods, and training. But when they come together to a race, like the Shanghai Marathon, each of those individuals is tested against each other and the details fall away. All that matters is the order they cross the finish line. Or is it? This year, BMW and Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai teamed up with Joshua Davis to give runners more than a finishing time. Instead, they created a data-visual experience that takes all the data collected over the course of the many miles (speed, pace, time, calories burned) and turned it into beautiful visualizations for the runners to take home (digitally, of course). The Shanghai Marathon is the perfect opportunity for brands to speak to a captive audience of 30,000 runners, but BMW wanted to do more than just create a simple video to play for them. Joshua helped them create a series of visual cues that are as variable as the runners themselves. All manner of colored ribbons swoop, move, and twist with the data collected over the run, and turn into beautiful artwork thanks to Joshua’s ability to combine real-time data collection with captivating visuals. It’s no longer just about finishing times with BMW’s “Art of Energy” – it’s about the experience, and letting those hours of ephemeral sweat and effort turn into something that will live on in the digital space.
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  • Take a moment today to find some peace. @daviddoran_ shows us this quiet moment with the paper.⠀
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  • @daviddoran_ reminds us to make an adventure out of life. Even cheese shopping can be beautiful.⠀
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  • What would all this look like From Above? @briandoben answers that question, and more, in his new series. Check the story via the link in our bio.⠀
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  • @briandoben takes a new perspective with From Above, a series that plays with how we see what we see. For more info, check the link in our bio.⠀
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  • All hail the red queen, Marina Abramović, photographed here by @jasonschmidtstudio in her natural element. @abramovicinstitute #tgif #fashion #photography #photo #fashionstyle #style #photooftheday #instabeauty #instachic #look #outfit #luxury #chic #art #artist #performance #slay #wokeuplikethis
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  • @therealgracecoddington is giving us a great big smile to help us finish out the week. Well, she gave it to @jasonschmidtstudio who gave it to us.⠀
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